You’Ve Been Throwing Away Avocado Seeds Because No One Told You They Could Fight Cancer

Avocados are extremely delicious and healthy. The avocado fruit can be added to almost any kinds of meals, salads, or sandwiches. You can also make a homemade guacamole if you love nachos. However, almost all of us always throw away its seeds, and it is a huge mistake!
Namely, it seems that these seeds have been regarded as extremely beneficial in the traditional medicine for decades.

You may have heard that some seeds can be toxic, like the ones from fruits like cherries, plums and apricots, which contain the toxic chemical However, do not worry, as this is not the case with the avocado seed.

The avocado seed contain mildly toxic compounds, tannins, which means that you need to consume several before you notice any negative side effect. Yet, a study published in the Scientific World Journal in 2013, found that the avocado seed extract is completely safe and it didn’t show any toxicity.

Health Benefits of Avocado Seeds

Avocado fruits are abundant in folate, Vitamin B and healthy fats. Moreover, their seeds are also loaded with healthy nutrients as well. Namely, they contain almost 70% of the avocados antioxidants, as well as fatty acids, triterpenes, phytosterols, and glucosides from abscisic acid.

Moreover, the seeds are a rich source of bioactive phytochemical, including proanthocyanids and Flavonoids. Moreover, these beneficial seeds are also considered to be one of the best sources of soluble fiber.

As a result, they have numerous healthy properties, such…

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