Organic Kona Coffee – Special Kona Coffee For The Health Conscious

Due to health issues, going organic is the new “in” thing. Most health conscious people prefer organic food, supplements and even coffee. It is a good thing that there are some plantations and farms in Hawaii that produce organic Kona coffee. So people who are health conscious can taste the best coffee in the world while still remaining healthy.

Organic Kona Coffee
Organic Kona coffee comes from plantations that only use organic fertilizers and are devoid of any synthetic sprays or chemicals. Like any crop, coffee trees need basic care and nutrients to continually produce quality coffee beans. Then fertilizers in the form of recycled coffee husks are recommended to fill the mineral and nutrient needs of the plantation. Also animal manures can also be used as fertilizers in the farm.

Organic Kona coffee trees need a continuous supply of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. These three basic nutrients are needed by the plant to grow. However using too much chemical fertilizer can harm the tree, since chemical fertilizers have residues that may affect the tastes and quality of the coffee. Organic sources of NPK are needed since coffee trees respond well with organic fertilizers than chemical ones.

Organic farms
Kona Rainforest Organic coffee company is one of the many sources of organic coffee. Located at the mountainside of Kona Hawaii, this company is USDA certified; the authority that certifies organic products all over the US. The location and weather in the mountainside of Kona are said to be very suitable to produce the best coffee beans that this company delivers. Also they claim that they produce their products sustainably.

Mountain Thunder, another producer of organically grown coffee and awarded with the SIAL Golden Bean award this 2012. This farm is located in the cloud forest in Kona and is said to use organic fertilizers only in their farms. Also, the farm is eco-friendly since they don’t waste energy by using mechanical dryers to dry their beans. The farm also offers tours around their plantation to let their guests know what they do and how they run their farm.

Lyman coffee farms is another USDA certified and award-winning organic Kona coffee producer. They use no chemical herbicide and pesticide and only use organic products. They recycle their coffee husks as compost and even collect biodegradable litter from other sources as compost materials. This way the soil is devoid of chemical residues. In this way the trees produce higher quality coffee than other farms that uses synthetic fertilizers and herbicide.

Lyman coffee farms is an estate meaning the involvement of the farm is from the beginning up to the end, from planting and growing of the coffee trees, to harvesting, grading up to roasting. This farm only sells directly to make sure that every bag of coffee is freshly roasted. The company is located in the Kona coffee belt of Hawaii. There are other sources of organically grown Kona coffee, but in searching for a product make sure that the source is USDA certified that says that the farm is 100% organic.

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