How to Easily Clean and Cut Mushrooms

The umami flavored mushrooms never fail to surprise with the wonders that they can create. You can add mushrooms to soups and broths to add a silky texture and earthy flavor, use them in savory stuffings and toppings, complement pastas and risottos – the list is endless.

Like most vegetables, mushrooms offer a number of health benefits, even though they are not a vegetable – well, technically! They are the fleshy and edible part of a species of fungi.

Mushrooms can aid weight loss, as they are low in calories and free of fat and cholesterol. They are a good source of dietary fiber; minerals like potassium, copper, phosphorous and iron; and B vitamins. Mushrooms also contain the antioxidants selenium and ergothioneine that guard your immune system and protect against different kinds of cancers.

Since most mushrooms grow low to the ground, cleaning them thoroughly before cooking is important. But the key lies in doing it the right way. Mushrooms are quite delicate and washing them can alter their texture and flavor.

So, we bring to you four easy ways to clean mushrooms, as well as three ways to cut them for use in your next recipe.

#Cleaning Mushrooms

Method 1: Use Water

A quick rinse under running water is the easiest and most common method of cleaning small and smooth varieties like button or crimini mushrooms. However, it is important to not leave them in water for too long, as mushrooms can soak up water and turn mushy.

Things you’ll need:

  • Mushrooms
  • Water
  • Paper towels

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