Compassion And Bonds In Music

Music, in substantial part made by Hellish people, is not entirely okay, meaning that its influence upon the subconsciousness of listeners is not too good. And before I say some details about it, as usually I have to point out that Hellish people adapt to what I write about them and because of it they gradually change some things in the world. That is why the following sentences are only valid for the past years, say till 2010. And it is the reason to forget, during this study, all the songs that are newer.

1. The songs pay attention to the heterosexual love of two people, a man and a woman, a little bit more than it should be.

2. The way the songs are made and used suggests a hidden lack of sympathy for the most intensely suffering people.

Why is that?

Please compare the songs about the heterosexual love with those that sing about the most intensely suffering people. The ones singing about love more often mention details like places on the body or related subjective feelings, whereas the ones about the suffering do not mention them so often (they do not “describe” the details of what the suffering person feels inside). Those who suffer most are devoted a much smaller amount of attention than those who are in love.

But Hellish people like to make impression that they have much of compassion with the suffering. And after I said this, maybe they could change the new songs and broadcast the few old ones that sing about the suffering people in a detailed way,…

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